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Delta Armory is now in Great Britain!

19.2.2024 News

That is right! Thanks to Patrol Base, Delta Armory is happy to announce its official arrival to the King´s land. The newest collaboration with Patrol Base, will provide our products for the best possible prices inside United Kingdom. You will not want to miss all the fresh offers here.

Since its establishment in 2009, Patrol Base has undergone substantial growth, branching out into various facets of the Airsoft realm, offering an extensive array of exceptional new products and services tailored to suit diverse Airsoft Player Types. The enterprise boasts both a brick-and-mortar retail outlet, known as Patrol Base, and a thriving online store. Additionally, it manages two distinct Airsoft sites, namely Halo Mill and Halo Mill: Proving Grounds.

The overarching mission remains unchanged over the years – reaching out to kindred spirits among customers who share a passion for the gear on offer, just as the company has since its inception three decades ago.

Dedicated to furnishing customers with the most competitive prices for top-notch brands, Patrol Base upholds a philosophy that transcends mere product distribution. The team, selected for their affability and ardor for the brands and product range, undergoes thorough product training whenever feasible.

In essence, Patrol Base aspires to be as dependable as the equipment it provides.

Nestled in Huddersfield, near Leeds, Manchester, and Wakefield, the Patrol Base Retail Store stands as a physical testament to this commitment.