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How to set up the ETU unit in the weapon

14.2.2023 Tutorials

Press and hold the trigger on semi-auto until you hear a beep.

The weapon starts beeping and gives us a choice between individual branches of the programming tree (one beep is first branch, two beeps is second branch, three beeps is third branch).

When we want to program the options in the first branch, after one beep of the gun press and hold  the trigger and we should hear the sound signal again.

In the first branch, we have a choice of two options (one beep semi-auto  in semi mode, two beeps binary in semi mode. In this mode the weapon will fire when the trigger is pressed and when it is released). When we decide to set, for example, binary to semi, then after two beeps of the weapon, we have to hold the trigger until the sound signal is heard (2 beeps of the weapon).

In this way, the weapon lets us know that our selection is confirmed and the setting is saved.

The same applies to programming in the second branch, only there we decide between full-auto shooting in full auto weapon mode, and 3-round burst in full auto weapon mode (the weapon fires only 3 shots in full auto mode, then it is necessary again press the trigger to fire 3 shots again).

For programming in the third branch, the gun gives us a choice of 5 spring precocking options (1-beep, the weakest spring precocking, 5-beep, the strongest - thanks to the spring precocking, we get a faster response of the weapon to pressing the trigger).

However, some weapon models can fire 2 shots in semi mode with the strongest precocking setting of the spring. This is due to too much precock and mechanically the weapon cannot catch the piston in this position, so you must fix this problem by reducing the precocking setting to level 4.

WARNING! When pre-tensioning the spring, it must be released after the game so that it does not weaken, by being comprest for a long period of time.

How to do it ? We switch the weapon to full auto mode and fire a few shots, this way it releases the spring and the weapon is ready for storage.

Other sound signaling of the ETU unit:

3 beeps - Battery connected

4 beeps - Critically low battery voltage. ETU doesn't stop whistling.

1 short beep - ETU unit is overheated

1 long beep - It is not possible to complete the cycle (blocked motor, unregistered wheel rotation, very low battery voltage, etc.)